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Advanced Testing for Water and Soil for Clean Accessible Water

July 20, 2023

According to reports, most of the public water supplies are contaminated with harmful pathogens and there is a presence of undetected chemicals. Untested water is hazardous to health, making living beings prone to numerous water-borne diseases. This requires intense water and soil testing in Perth to curb the spread of contamination and make clean water available for all. For all the right reasons, maintaining good health, and maintaining the sanctity of the surrounding environment, professional water testing is crucial. Water testing for clean and safe drinking water  The drinking water on the surface might look clean and free of any disease-causing pathogens. However, it is often loaded with harmful pathogens, heavy metals, and poisonous chemicals. This raises a huge safety on one’s health. With advanced lab testing of water samples using innovative technology, detecting pathogens has become easier, ensuring safer water reaches people. The use of compounds like calcium hydroxide often helps in inhibiting the growth of microbes. Signs that indicate the water might be contaminated It is important to get in touch in touch with water testing professionals if you find hints of water contamination. Make sure not to wait for health hazards to pile up before conducting the test. Here are the signs to look for: Cloudy appearance of water One of the tell-tale signs of the water being unclean or contaminated is cloudiness. If the water appears hazy or isn’t transparent or clear, it is time to get the water tested. Also, if there is a particle or sediment deposit at the bottom of the water, it indicates the presence of metals or other unhealthy components. Foul odour from water  Usually, water is free of any smell or odour. However, if there is a strange smell coming from the water, it means it might contain harmful particles. There is a high chance that it is laced with heavy metals or components like hydrogen sulphide that are poisonous to health. Make sure to test the water and filter the same to safeguard the family from health issues. Proximity to industry or landfill  If you live close to landfills or industries, there is a high possibility that toxic water might leech out and contaminate the water source. It is highly recommended to test the water sources like rivers, lakes etc. in close vicinity to industries. Living close to factories or certain operating plants often releases chemicals that eventually leach into the ground soil. Hence, testing for chlorides, sulphates or other metals is crucial to ensure safe water reaches home. Water bodies close to agricultural land Often, pesticides or fertilisers are used in farms or agricultural lands. The chances of the chemicals releasing into the close by water bodies are high eventually leading to contamination. If you live close to farms or agricultural lands, getting the water tested periodically is highly recommended. In short, water-borne diseases are quite prevalent due to microbial contamination and infestation by pathogens. Advanced lab testing of water not only helps in identifying the presence of harmful microbes but offers relevant solutions for cleanup. Get clean and fresh water with time-to-time testing of water and soil. 

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