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Soil Testing & Analysis

Soil is a critical resource in agriculture, ensuring the health of crop growth and livestock. At All Chemical we can test the well-being of your soil for an affordable price. The comprehensive testing and analysis will measure all elements of the soil, such as the pH levels, phosphate, sulphate and nitrates. Also, we will test possible diseases that would infect the crops, such as dieback.

Field pH test (pHF) measures the existing acidity of a 'soil:water' paste, and is therefore used to help identify if Acid Sulfate Soil (ASS) are present.

Field pH peroxide test (pHFOX) is used to indicate the presence of iron sulfides or PASS. If sulfides are present a reaction will occur.

Our interpretation of the results that come out of the testings and analysis will help you understand the current state of your soil. We will provide you with excellent advice on how to improve and maintain the health of your soil.

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