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Top 5 Industrial Chemicals That Are Commonly Used For Processing

August 23, 2023

Industrial chemicals are classified ingredients used in the manufacturing of various products. They can either be used directly or can be added as a component of a particular product. These chemicals are available for large-scale processing like sewer and water treatment and domestic uses like soaps and cleaners. Additionally, some are used for pharmaceutical uses as well. 

Moreover, certain industrial chemicals, because of their life-threatening properties, might require license and precautions while dealing with them. Therefore Governments have strong measures to prevent non-lethal uses of chemicals. Nevertheless,  the circulated amount depends on its usage, and based on it, there are five chemicals that rank top in the hierarchy; they include wetting agents, calcium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide, sulphuric acid, and chlorine. This blog mentions 5 industrial chemicals and their usage. 

Wetting agents: Surfactants, commonly known as wetting agents, are used to reduce the surface tensions of liquids like water and oil so that the substance penetrates in properly. It allows better absorption and is used in detergents. They are also used to disperse the aqueous solutions of scented compounds and insoluble dyes. Certain other surfactants are also used as defoaming agents, germicides, and pesticides. 

Calcium hydroxide: A white-odourless powder known as calcium hydroxide, also known as slaked lime, is employed in major industrial works like sewage treatment, paper making, building, and food processing. It is also used in hi-tech biological materials HA and VC. There are additional dental and medicinal uses for it. Calcium hydroxide is oftentimes also used in root canal fillings. 

Sulphuric acid: With a chemical for H2SO4, sulphuric acid has become an important part of industrial processing. It is odourless, colourless, and thick and can be mixed with water. It is used to produce phosphoric acid as a major component of chemical fertilisers. It is primarily used as a reagent for multiple chemical processes that involve pharmaceutical products, rarefaction of copper metal, and cleaning steel. 

Sodium hydroxide: Sodium hydroxide(NaOH), commonly known as caustic soda, is a home chemical that is present in most of the items at home, including soaps, paper, detergent, and more. It is also a popular cleaning agent. It is also used in products that explode, dyes, and petroleum products. 

Chlorine: It is a yellow-colour gas, and it has a pungent smell like bleach. Its density is 2.5 more than air giving it weight and capacity to stay near the ground. It is used to disinfect water, sewage treatment, and cleaning of industrial and sewage waste.  Moreover, it is used in the production of cleaning agents, paper, and cloth. 

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