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Silt density Index and Analysis

Silt is composed by suspended particulates of all types that accumulate on the membrane surface. Sources of silt are organic colloids, iron corrosion products, precipitated iron hydroxide, algae, and fine particular matter. Silt Density Index testing is a widely accepted method for estimating the rate at which colloidal and particle

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Container Supply

At All Chemical, we have a large range of new storage containers available to purchase and delivery in Australia. Container ranges are suitable for use in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. To ensure the high quality of products, we supply a great variety of containers in different sizes, shapes, materials,

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Chemical Manufacturing

We at All Chemical specialize in the manufacturing of a wide variety of industrial and agricultural chemical products. At All Chemical, our team of specialists are experts in chemical components and allied processes. These processes include chemical processes, water and wastewater treatment and are tailored to suit specific end user

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Chemical Supply

All Chemical specializes in the procurement of the chemicals that you need. We provide chemicals that are useful for every industry. Our happy customers are currently active in industries such as mining, agriculture and construction. We ensure the high quality of our products and services to improve your processes. All Chemical

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Water Testing & Analysis

Clean water assures the well-being of an individual. Don’t guess what is in your drinking water, know it. At All Chemical we can test for all unwanted bacteria and elements in your water. You can think of elements such as Iron, Copper, Nitrate and Chlorine, but also the pH levels,

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Water Treatment

At All Chemical we are engaged in the whole process of water treatment. If necessary, we can consult you on possible water treatment solutions based on the parameters and results of the testing and analysis of your water. We have a vast range of systems and filters that will ensure

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Waste Water Treatment

All Chemical is concerned with the increasing demand for clean water, which is becoming harder to procure since the climate continuous to dry. In order to keep our cities liveable, the availability of healthy water is crucial. We offer environmental friendly waste water treatment and sewage treatment services and products.

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Soil Testing & Analysis

Soil is a critical resource in agriculture, ensuring the health of crop growth and livestock. At All Chemical we can test the well-being of your soil for an affordable price. The comprehensive testing and analysis will measure all elements of the soil, such as the pH levels, phosphate, sulphate and

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