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4 Reasons to Buy a Wetting Agent for Soil?

September 30, 2022

Are you witnessing patchy areas in the soil even after regular watering? Perhaps, your soil has become hydrophobic.  An area where the soil has become hydrophobic tends to pool water rather than absorb it. This condition happens during summers when excessive heat triggers organic material decomposition. As a result, a waxy coating gets formed and covers the soil particles.  In such a situation, excessive fertilisation and watering may not work. That is why you need wetting agents. They are surfactants that improve water infiltration and nutrient absorption.  Here are four ways it can help rehydrate your soil:

  1. Prevents repellence
Thanks to the scorching Aussie summer, sand, and other types of soils develop water repellency. Instead of mixing, they run off the surface, keeping the essential nutrients away from the soil.  But if you apply a wetting agent before fertilisation, the water evenly penetrates through the soil. Therefore, moisturising the dry patches and eliminating them.  Moreover, the root zone (after being supplied with adequate water) tends to hold enough moisture to help grass or plants grow.  Soil surfactants also reduce water wastage by toning down the need to pour excessive water on your soil   
  1. Prevents fertiliser wastage
When fertilising a hydrophobic soil patch, it may not get absorbed optimally. As a result, most of it would run off the surface with water.  We all know how costly fertilisers are; wasting them is the last thing we can afford. Unfortunately, that is what happens when the soil is hydrophobic.  Inadequate fertilisation also impacts the overall health of the soil. That is why you need to add a soil surfactant. The surfactant will allow water to seep through and take the fertiliser with it. As a result, you will get the expected results with minimal fertilisation. 
  1.  Prevent plant diseases
Water is one of the most critical components determining a plant’s health. Too much or too little of it can ruin the soil and the plant.  People tend to add excess water to dry soil. As a result, the root zones get oversaturated with water acting as a breeding ground for many pathogens like fungi.  A soil surfactant helps maintain the water balance in the root zone, and the presence of potassium permanganate does not allow the water to harbour disease-causing pathogens. Therefore, keeping the plant and soil in a healthy state. 
  1.  Reduce your bills
Soil surfactants improve sustainability. In other words, you can grow your crops with minimal  use of fertilisers, water and pesticides.  Sustainability enables cost-effectiveness in the long run by bringing down the cost of fertiliser, water and electricity bills.  As a result, you will be able to sell high-quality crops at reasonable prices, improving your revenues.  Final Thoughts Soil surfactants hydrate the soil and improve its capability to keep producing quality crops. It reduces the use of water and fertilisers to prevent over-saturation, allowing it to maintain its nutritional composition.  So, if you want your soil to get its due nourishment, contact a soil surfactant company today for a no-obligation quote. 

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