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Top Reasons Why You Should Use Wetting Agents For Your Garden

March 23, 2022

Since the 1960s, wetting agents have been in use. In case you're unaware then you must know that a wetting agent is defined as a surface-active molecule that is utilised to decrease the surface tension of water. Water has very high surface tension and such a feature can prove to be problematic in various applications where water penetration & spreading is needed.  Hence, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be showcasing the major reasons why you should opt for wetting agents to be used in your garden. How Wetting Agents Work? It should be remembered that wetting agents belong to a specific class of surfactants. Surfactants tend to be surface-active, which help in reducing the buffer between liquid-liquid & air-liquid interfaces. Hence, when the cohesion is reduced, different solutions will be able to mix.  The Utilisation Of Wetting Agents Pure water has a surface tension of 72.8 mN/m at 20 degrees Celsius, which is very high. As a result, in various industrial methodologies where water-based solutions are utilised, they're not able to wet the surface effectively because of the high surface tension. But, with the help of wetting agents, the surface tension of water is reduced and thereby helps water-based solutions to properly spread and flow across an area.  You can see wetting agents being used in various kinds of products. For instance, in the coating industry, wetting agents help in the fluid phase, so that the pigment particles can become wet during the process of pigment dispersion. The decrease in surface tension also helps in wetting the substrate after application.  Wetting agents are also used in pesticides, where they help the solution to properly spread over the surface area of plant leaves, thereby enhancing the pesticides’ efficiency.  Benefits Of Using Wetting Agents In Your Garden

    1. Helps In Improving Irrigation
With the help of wetting agents, you can prevent any water-repelling when watering your garden plants. Wetting agents ensure uniform water movement and distribution so that the correct level of moisture is maintained around the root zone of a plant, throughout the entire growing cycle.  Hence, you'll experience less water runoff in your garden and the water molecules will be able to penetrate the root cells of the plants effectively. 
    1. Helps In Management Of Plant Diseases
According to a company selling wetting agents & laundry chemicals in Perth, if plants don't receive a sufficient amount of water, then basic plant functions such as plant metabolic functions, hormone activation, photosynthesis, etc. will be affected. As a result, the plant will become weak and thereby its defence mechanisms will be weakened, leading to a disease outbreak.  But, since wetting agents improve water absorption in plants, you’ll have healthy plants in your garden.  For any additional queries, contact us today. 

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