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Things To Keep In Mind For Your Own Balcony Garden

May 19, 2022

You have recently rented an apartment, and you want to decorate the balcony. The balcony is your favourite place in your house. This is where you like to work and spend your day. Upon scrolling Social media platforms, you have hit upon an idea to have your own garden. You want to turn this balcony space into a garden. There are certain things to keep in mind before making a balcony garden.   

  • Check Your Available Area = the first and foremost step for creating your balcony Garden is to check how much area is available to create a garden. This way, you will be able to estimate how many clay pots will you be able to place, If you can add any ornamentals or furniture to decorate the space. 
  • Check the weather conditions and direction in which your balcony is situated = Identify whether your balcony gets sufficient sunlight. Place your plan process according to the weather. Especially be very careful with new saplings. The weather conditions are also important in determining the choice of plans for the balcony. For instance, if your balcony faces the north and does not get ample sunlight, you will have to look for plants that survive well in partial or total shade. Additionally, make sure that your balcony will be able to hold the weight of the clay pots and water. 
  • Know the correct type of soil to use = If the soil is dry or water cannot permeate or be absorbed easily, you can use wetting agents, which will help the soil hold more water and nutrients. Get your hands on potting soil. They are well-aerated, lightweight, and made up of organic materials. They contain minerals that are essential for plant growth.
  • Choose your containers = Different types of plant containers are available in the market. Buy the container that suits your requirement and this compatible with the growth habits of your plants. The containers should have good drainage facilities.
  • Time for personalisation = Choose the swing chair, wall hangings and portraits for your balcony garden. Instead of a swing chair, you can make a laid back chair for your balcony. Be it fixing furniture or setting up wall hangings; it is best to minimise welding and screw work. Your owner may not appreciate too many holes drilled in the wall. Solution? You can use adhesive as an alternative measure. Adhesives have silane coupling agents, which enhance the bonding strength of the adhesive. Additionally, it is water-resistant and weather-resistant. 
  • Invest in the growth of the plants = Instead of throwing away fruit peels and vegetable peels, you can make compost of these in an earthen pot. Compost tea and compost water Are also good ways to ensure That your plans are getting all the healthy nutrients in your busy schedule.
  Conclusion These are the beginner's guide to creating a balcony garden. For instance, you can grow aloe vera, snake plants, and Devil's Ivy plants. These are low maintenance. If there is sufficient sunlight, you can grow cucumbers. Growing herbs or tomatoes and chillies In your garden will have you eating healthy organic food.

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