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August 1, 2015

Scrubbersare air pollution control devices that are used to remove particulates gases from industrial exhaust streams. Scrubbers are one of the primary devices that control gaseous emissions, especially acid gases. Air scrubbers are commonly used in process-air applications to eliminate potentially harmful dust and pollutants. Spray Towers, Cyclone Spray Chambers, Venturi Scrubbers, Orifice Scrubbers, Packed Bed Scrubbers are all different types of scrubbers which vary in terms of both function and performance. Orientation in which the scrubber liquid flows in reference to the gas flow can be cross-current orco-current or counter current. A liquid, water in general with appropriate active chemicals added, is sprayed into the air flow. The atomized liquid (typically water) entrains particles and pollutant gases in order to effectively wash them out of the gas flow. In comparison to other air pollution control devices, scrubbers are very multidisciplinary, with the ability to remove solids, mists, and gases simultaneously while also providing cooling. They are also capable of handling explosive and flammable gases safely. However, scrubbers suffer from high levels of corrosion and produce slurry waste streams which are less convenient for recycling and disposal. Scrubbers can be made of stainless steel or Fiber-glass Reinforced Plastics FRP. Scrubbers differ based on how they are installed and where they operate.   Stationary or enclosed scrubbers are housed in their own building or enclosure. These are typically used to treat process exhaust gases from industrial waste streams before they are released into the atmosphere.   Portable scrubbers are small units used for local cleansing and cleaning applications. In addition to small size, they may have wheels or handles to make them easier to transport.   Skid or base plate mounted scrubbers are designed to be placed on a skid or plate positioned on the floor. These scrubbers frequently contain transport features such as forklift slots for movement around a facility.   Trailer or truck scrubbers are mounted on a trailer or truck for mobile spot dust or fume removal.  

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