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July 25, 2014

These are higher molecular weight compounds and come in a variety of anionic and cationic charges. Polymers are most often used to increase the viscosity of water or to encourage flocculation of particles present in water such as general industrial wastewater and all

Odour Cleaners

July 25, 2014

Odour emissions from sewage treatment plants, rising mains and pump stations are a concern with an increase in odour related complaints over the years. All Chemical MOH100 is widely used odour control in sewage networks.

Citric Acid and Acid Cleaners

July 25, 2014

Citric Acid and Acid Cleaners are specially formulated solutions designed to remove iron and other inorganic foulings from polyamide membranes. They also remove some organic foulings. They have been formulated to give a pH of about 4 to the cleaning solutions at the

Water Softeners and Equipment Supplier Australia

July 25, 2014

When water contains a significant amount of dissolved salts such as calcium and magnesium, it is called hard water. Hard water is known to clog pipes and greatly reduce the efficiency of hot water boilers and tanks. Hard water also reduces the amount

Rust Cleaners

July 25, 2014

Rust Cleaners are used for removing rust stains and stubborn RED DUST on a wide variety of equipment surfaces. The solution is also used for bleaching, as a mordant in dying processes, for making cleaning liquid for electrical instruments, for deposition and separation

Bio Algaecides

July 25, 2014

BioAlgaecide is nontoxic, organic and environmentally friendly. BioAlgaecide is safe for your fish and all aquatic life. It is also safe for your pets to drink. BioAlgaecide works with your water plants reducing nitrates and phosphates naturally. BioAlgaecid comes in water dissolvable sachets.

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