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About all chemical manufacturing & consultancy

July 7, 2014

All Chemical Manufacturing & Consultancy is a successful business run and managed by Professional Chemical Engineers with years of experience in Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Chemical manufacturing. Our proudly manufactured chemicals are used in a variety of industries which includes but not limited to Mining, Drinking water (Bore, Dam, River, Rain or Sea water), Waste water, Sewage waste, General Industrial liquid waste, Vineyards, Dairy and Cheese waste, Waste water generated from Machine and vehicle maintenance and many other industries. Our professional consultancy to a variety of industry is not only restricted to the above-mentioned industries and products but also to the optimisation of new and existing chemical processes, water treatment and allied industrial chemical processes. For more information please refer to some of our products or contact us to discuss your needs. All Chemical Manufacturing & Consultancy values every business, Big or Small, Urban or Remote, Local or International.

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