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Calcium Bentonite Clay is a group of fine textured naturally occurring minerals associated with volcanic eruptions. It has ability to form stable colloidal suspensions and capacity to absorb and bond with a wide range of chemicals. It can be used directly as calcium Bentonite or in combination with other products. Calcium Bentonite Clay has applications in a wide range of industries such as Agriculture, Mining, Food Processing, Fabrication and even natural beauty treatments. It has substantial definitive water holding capability and long-lasting benefits for sandy soil health, productivity and water holding efficiency in both domestic and commercial applications. Calcium Bentonite Clay can be applied at a rate of approximately 2.5-3kg per square meter. Slurry mixture can also be applied around plants. Some of the calcium Bentonite uses are sealing or repairing cracks in dams and soak wells, improve cation exchange capacity, soil structure and microbial retention.

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